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Please read the presentation guidelines below before submitting your proposal.



INSEA 2019


The 2019 InSEA World Congress Committee would like to invite InSEA members to contribute to a variety of presentations during the InSEA World Congress ( at The University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, July 9-13, 2019.

Congress Theme | Making - Place, Indigenize, Identity, Experiment. Hosted by | The University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

  • Congress Theme | Making: How is making understood across all dimensions of art education in the 21st century?

  • Congress Sub-Themes
    →  Place | How can place consciousness impact art education particularly in an era when migration, immigration and refugee status change our sense of location?
    →  Indigenize | What are the possibilities and implications for indigenizing art education in an inclusive learning context?
    →  Identity | How might we describe hybrid identities and rethink our practices as a result?
    →  Experiment | What relationships exist among artistic and pedagogical risks, failures, successes and stabilized/destabilized practices?



conference location


Canada is complex. As a country, it is equivalent in area to the continent of Europe and its entire population has yet to reach the size of the largest city in the world (Tokyo). Canada borders only one other country, and that border with the USA is the longest undefended border in the world. Yet this portrayal barely describes a country with vast cultural, historical and environmental features.  What could be said is that Canada is well known for its natural beauty, its diverse and multicultural citizenry, and its commitment to social democratic practices.

Vancouver is a hub for artists and art educators of international repute supported and encouraged by outstanding local institutions for the study of art, design and art education. Vancouver is also one of the largest cities in Canada and is situated on the Pacific Ocean. It is also ranked as the third most livable city in the world and perhaps correspondingly is considered one of the most beautiful cities worldwide.

The University of British Columbia is consistently ranked in the top 40 universities worldwide.  It is also considered one of the most beautiful campuses nestled between the Pacific Ocean, Pacific Spirit Park and the city of Vancouver.

Hosting an InSEA World Congress at UBC in Vancouver, Canada in July 2019 offers art educators an opportunity to theorize and practice ‘making’ in art education.  Through a diverse array of sessions, workshops and field experiences, delegates will be able to reimagine and reflect upon ‘making’ in art education. ‘Making’, after all, is concerned with material and immaterial approaches, global movements of ideas, anticipated changes, and perceptual shifts.  It is propositional in nature and not prescriptive.  Being provocative and/or evocative, ‘making’ entertains that which has yet to be understood.  Situating ‘making’ within Vancouver and Canada offers an opportunity to emphasize concepts such as emplacement, being out of place, and being of the place.  Moreover, UBC is on Musqueam First Nations unceded and ancestral territory.  At the intersection of Indigenous and multicultural perspectives, Vancouver becomes a meeting point for hybrid identities, experimental ideas and place-based consciousness as we prepare for the third decade in the 21st century.





Presentation/Submission Formats and Guidelines (All proposals word limit: 300)

All proposals must be submitted online →  SUBMIT A PROPOSAL

Before you begin your proposal, consider the format of your work as well as the theme or themes under which we may coordinate your proposal. A variety of presentations will allow for discussions, debates, conversations, brainstorming, making engagements, viewing and so much more. Please prepare one proposal form for each submission, keeping in mind a maximum of two submissions per person is allowed. Each submission should fall into one or more of the congress theme or sub-themes.

Authors are asked to prepare their submissions according to “Author Guidelines”  →  AUTHOR GUIDELINES





Accepted abstracts will be published as part of the congress program. Participants will have the option of contributing their papers to a congress proceedings.

1. Academic papers

  • 1-a) 20 minutes paper presentation followed by 10 minutes discussion.

  • 1-b) 40 minutes panel presentation followed by 20 minutes discussion.

2. Circle Discussions

  • 10 minutes informal presentation plus 3 mins. discussion (4 presentations per circle)

3. Performative and experimental sessions

  • 3-a) 30 mins: Interactive dialogue oriented experiences (e.g. walking sessions, brainstorming with drawing panels; collaborative tableaus, or other creative experiences. Indicate space requirement.

  • 3-b) 60 mins: Interactive dialogue oriented experiences (e.g. walking sessions, brainstorming with drawing panels; collaborative tableaus, or other creative experiences. Indicate space requirement.

4. Short visual presentations

  • Pecha Kucha style (maximum of 6.5 minutes); The focus is on visual material and chosen theme. Discussion will follow at the end of the congress organized cluster

5. Making Workshops (60 minutes sessions)

  • 5-a) Free: Materials will be provided by the facilitator for participants. the maximum number of delegates.

  • 5-b) Paid: Material costs will be charged to the delegates at the time of registration. Proposals should detail the cost of materials per participating delegate. Indicate the maximum number of delegates.

6.   Digital Art Exhibition


  •  Details & Contact | Dr. Michael Emme  →

  • Submission to the digital art exhibition is not counted in the limit of two presentations





  • Relevance: Objectives or purposes are related to The 2019 InSEA World Congress themes

  • Quality: Research methods or modes of inquiry (including data sources, evidence, objects and/or materials)

  • Presentation: Coherence and clarity of structure and thought

  • Innovation: Scholarly significance, practical implications, originality, and/or creativity of the study of work



If you have any questions please contact us: 

→  For General Inquiries

→  For Program Inquiries | Ching-Chiu Lin, Program Chair